Challenge 6: Influencer Led Social Media Campaign

Fresh from the first elimination from the Top 12, the remaining 11 contestants are split into two teams and then challenged with sourcing a local influencer to help promote a competition campaign for NutriBullet to promote their new blender – the Nutribullet Balance.

Our remaining Top 11 meet the star of the campaign, Nutribullet’s new blender

The finalists not only need to identify someone with a big following that is aligned to the brand, they need to secure their participation as well as film and photograph the influencer to support the campaign.

Setting up and styling the photographs for the campaign

The contestants all have big personalities and loads of ideas but with limited time and the pressure of everything being at stake can they channel that energy effectively to ensure the campaign’s success?

The teams face the judges in ‘the elimination room’
The teams face the judges in ‘the elimination room’

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Meet The Judges

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