Challenge 3: The TV & Radio Promo

This week on The Next Brand Ambassador, we meet the Top 10 Regional Finalists from Cape Town. Contestants, like the finalists from 011 and 031, will be expected to bring their A-game from day one as they’ll immediately be thrown into a gruelling team challenge.

Top 10 Regional Contestants from Cape Town

The assignment this time is to promote The Next Brand Ambassador show, with participants once again being evaluated on their team-work, creativity and their ability to hold their own in a group of strong and determined strangers.  

A tall ask within a very limited time as the challenge is designed to push the contestants out of their comfort zone so that judges Odette van der Haar, Sylvester Chauke and Nandi Madida can get a sense for who has actual potential.

The Next Brand Ambassador Judges, Nandi Madida, Odette van der Haar and Sylvester Chauke

The judges are expecting results and will put whoever doesn’t meet their standards through a brutal debrief in front of all of their fellow contenders. This is an elimination round after all, with the show saying bye to 5 contestants!

Our finalist face the judges, who will be going home?

Will the team from the Mother City make their fellow Capetonians proud? Catch the full episode to find out. 

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